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Milkman is a strategy-focused design & media agency specialising in creating powerful digital experiences. In this way, we support our clients in engaging with their audiences. Our mission is therefore to bring the digital world closer to people by creating brands that inspire, stimulate and bring joy to their audience. Building the brand of tomorrow is our main focus.

Frontyard Cyc.

Our inhouse Cyclorama photo & film studio where we create magic.

Dynamic Team

We have a dynamic team of talented proffesionals

Bold Moves

We are creative. We like to make bold moves. Every productie we love to make it bigger and better.

Creative Solutions

We bring Milkman Studios to you! Thats what we call flexibility.

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↳ What we believe in

Be like your milkman

The milkman we know from way back in the day had his own branding always tiptop. His milk float, uniform and milk jugs were a symbol to everyone of his high-quality products and, above all, good service.

Not only the irresistible freshness of his products was associated with his appearance but also his reliability. Customers could always count on him.Milkman stands for communicating the message your brand wants to convey as clearly as that of the milkman as we know him.

We support our clients in establishing a strong positioning for their brand. We do this by creating a visual identity that represents the brand to perfection. In all our productions, building tomorrow's brand is our starting point.

You know what is coming

These times are different. It seems he has slightly modified his beloved dairy products to go along with the 'Digital Age.' The bottles have become packs and he has also found a different filling for them.

Still, he has not forgotten his core values and continues to deliver customised orders. Every morning another delicious order is waiting. So his customers can continue to grow without worry

.Milkman enters into long-term partnerships with many of his clients. In order to keep delivering consistent content this way. This allows the clients to focus on the core business while gradually turning into a brand.

Data is the new gold

No one knows their customers better than the milkman. Whether it's their need for dairy. Or when the household is out and about with the caravan. The milkman adapts and always delivers his orders accordingly.

How does the milkman know all this? He keeps volumes of lists! By seeing all this data, he can tailor his service to his customers in the best possible way.We at Milkman do it no differently. Successful production starts with looking at the available data.

This could be in the form of creating persona from sales information to reach the right target audience. Or A/B testing ads in a Digital Advertising Campaign.


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↳ Leadership

A warm welcome from the team.

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Stephan de Boer

Camera Operator

Dana van der geer

Voice Actrice

Steyn Schreuders

Marketing Manager

Lex van der Meer

Executive Director

Niels Stoelinga

Creative Director

Missing Milkman

Always looking for a new milkman!

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